Friday, June 2, 2017

Spooksville #11 The Deadly Past, #12 The Hidden Beast, and #13 Creature in the Teacher

In Spooksville #11, The Deadly Past,  a doorway from 60 million years ago opens in the hills near Spooksville.  A pterodactyl enters Spooksville and takes Cindy back to its nest.

The children soon learn that a war is raging between two groups of aliens, and that one group has opened the doorway in an attempt to destroy the world.  The other children must find a way to defeat the aliens, rescue Cindy, and close the doorway to the past before it is too late!

Aliens show up in these books rather often.

I enjoyed this book.

In Spooksville #12, The Hidden Beast, Bryce's cousin, Leah, brings the children a treasure map.  They agree to help her find the treasure, even though some of the children have doubts about Leah and her motive. After all, Leah seems to have all the answers even though she claims not to understand the directions to the treasure.

Too late, the children realize that they should have been more careful.  The hunt for treasure unleashes a deadly creature that plans to destroy Spooksville.

This is a good book.

In Spookville #13, Creature in the Teacher, the children return to school after summer break.  The children suspect that their new science teacher, Mr. Snakol, is eating the lab animals.  After a new student named George disappears after meeting with Mr. Snakol, the children fear that Mr. Snakol has killed him.

Of course this all ends up having to do with aliens.  That's just a given in Pike's world.

The blurb on the front cover cracks me up:

"Their teacher was not normal."

I remember thinking that about my teachers quite a few times.

I enjoyed this book.

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