Friday, August 12, 2016

Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers #7 Operation: Survival, #8 Top Ten Ways to Die, and #9 Martial Law

In Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers #7, Operation: Survival, Frank and Joe investigate a camp for teens who have gotten into trouble with the law.  Two people have died at two different camps, and ATAC suspects that the man in charge of the camps is responsible.  Frank and Joe enter the camp pretending to be teens who have been arrested.

Nancy Drew is mentioned on page 100, which is interesting since the Hardy Boys are never mentioned in the Nancy Drew Girl Detective series.

I had trouble telling the other teen characters apart.  They are introduced way too fast with very little information.

I greatly enjoyed this book.  The story has a twist at the end that I did not expect.

In Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers #8, Top Ten Ways to Die, Frank and Joe investigate who is trying to murder rock star Vee Sharp.  They join the crew of Vee Sharp's music video in order to investigate undercover.

This is yet another rock star sabotage plot.  I usually don't like these very much.  I enjoyed this book more than I usually do this type of plot. 

In Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers #9, Martial Law, Frank and Joe sign on as students at the Rising Phoenix Martial Arts Center.  Two Rising Phoenix students were attacked and nearly killed, and ATAC wants Frank and Joe to find out whether there is a connection between the attacks.

The center only takes boys who are small and wimpy.  Somehow Frank and Joe get in, even though they don't meet the criteria.  Frank and Joe are amazed at how large the students at the center become after being there for a number of months.  Hmm...

On page 86, Frank and Joe find out that the owner has lots of pills in unmarked pill bottles.  Hmm...  I knew immediately that the pills have to be steroids.  Foolish Frank and Joe don't make the connection until later in the book.

This book is okay, but I never found it very interesting.

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