Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers #4 Thrill Ride, #5 Rocky Road, and #6 Burned

In Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers #4, Thrill Ride, Frank and Joe investigate a death and sabotage at Uncle Bernie's Fun Park.  A woman was recently killed on the roller coaster, and it is suspected that the death was not an accident.

This sabotage plot is interesting.

In each book, Fenton worries about Frank and Joe.  Fenton is the one who got the boys into ATAC, so his worry is not logical.  Fenton acts like a mother hen, and this is disconcerting, since Fenton never behaved like that in any of Hardy Boys #1-190.  I find Fenton's excessive worrying to be obnoxious.  So do Frank and Joe.

I really enjoyed this book.

In Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers #5, Rocky Road, Frank and Joe are sent on several bogus ATAC missions while vandalism occurs back in Bayport.  The boys soon suspect the Bayport ATAC agent of being in league with the vandals.

On page 70, we learn that Frank and Joe have never played football, which is a change from the original series.

Callie and Iola appear in this book, and they don't drive yet.  Chet just got his license.  This means that Chet is probably 16, and the girls are probably 15.

It's odd that Frank isn't nervous around Callie and Iola, since he is petrified around all other girls. It's also odd that Callie is present, and this is her only appearance in the Undercover Brothers series.  For those two reasons, I believe that this book was originally intended to be a Hardy Boys Digest book that was instead used in this series.

This is an excellent book.

In Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers #6, Burned, Frank and Joe must find the mastermind who is bootlegging CDs in Bayport.

This book was published in 2005.  I am pretty sure that by 2005 CDs were already into a steep decline.  For that reason, I had trouble getting into this book.  In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if this book had originally been written as a Digest book and was adapted for this series.  It would have been more logical for this book to have been published several years before it was.  The story parallels one of the Digest books set at Bayport High School, and I have a feeling that the plot was created around that time.

I didn't find this book to be that interesting.  I never cared about the identity of the culprit.  Normally, I do.  This book is weak.

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