Saturday, August 27, 2016

Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers #25-27: The Double Danger Trilogy

The Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers Double Danger Trilogy consists of the following titles.

#25 Double Trouble
#26 Double Down
#27 Double Deception

In #25 Double Trouble, superstar Justin Carraway has a stalker.  Frank and Joe go undercover on the set of Justin's latest film as they try to find out who is stalking Justin.

It doesn't help that Justin is a jerk.  I overall enjoyed this book, but I didn't care for the setting.  The story is boring sabotage.

In #26 Double Down, Justin's twin brother Ryan has disappeared.  Justin is unconcerned, but Frank and Joe find it strange that Ryan has gone on a sudden vacation to a tropical island.

Meanwhile, Justin continues to receive threats, and for some odd reason, Justin is acting different.  In fact, he behaves more responsibly and almost exactly like Ryan.  You know, the missing brother.  Hmm.

Of course, stupid Frank and Joe have no clue what is really going on.  This is where the trilogy began losing me.  I cannot stand it when a plot twist is so extremely obvious to the reader, yet the characters have no idea.

On page 97, Frank and Joe learn some information about Justin and Ryan's father. Frank follows a few links online to find out. This information is supposedly unknown to practically everyone, yet Justin is extremely famous.  There is no way that obsessed fans wouldn't have followed the same links and found out.  Besides, TMZ would have already shared the information.

In #27 Double Deception, Ryan continues to be missing, and Justin continues to behave more like Ryan than himself.  Justin also has some curious memory lapses, where he doesn't know things that Justin should know. Frank and Joe are clueless.

The plot twist with the brothers was apparent from early in the second book.  There are so many clues, and very obvious ones are throughout the third book.  Frank and Joe are oblivious.  It is not until page 141 that they figure out what I knew from early in the second book.

While I read this trilogy, I kept picturing Justin as Justin Bieber.  It just seemed like a logical comparison, all things considered.

The trilogy is overall good, but it is also annoying.  I must say that I am being rather generous in these reviews.

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