Sunday, August 14, 2016

Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers #10 Blown Away, #11 Hurricane Joe, and #12 Trouble in Paradise

In Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers #10, Blown Away, two high-profile events are taking place at the Billington Resort:  a car auction and a celebrity wedding.  Someone has threatened to blow up the resort.  The man who is getting married and the man running the auction both hate each other, making them primary suspects.  Frank and Joe are tasked with finding the bomb before it detonates.

Several scenes are confusing as to which boy is narrating.  This author had a bad habit of using the pronoun "he" for the brother not narrating, and I kept forgetting which boy was the narrator.

This book is just average.  I overall enjoyed it, but it's not memorable.

In Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers #11, Hurricane Joe, a local weather network has sent out hurricane warnings that turn out to be fake.  During the false hurricane warnings, houses get burglarized. 

This book was published in 2006.  The premise is a great idea, but it would have been more logical for the early part of the 20th century.  I find it really hard to believe that an entire town evacuates when the sky is blue with the sun shining and only one station predicting a hurricane.  In 2006, there was something called the Internet, and it seems that some people would have figured out that the warnings were fake. 

On page 120, we learn that Aunt Trudy's name is actually Gertrude, like we didn't already know.  On page 168, we learn why Trudy doesn't let anyone call her Gertrude.  It's because of Hurricane Gertrude and all the jokes that Trudy (er, Gertrude) received afterwards. 

Frank and Joe tease each other way too much in this book.  It's annoying.

This book is okay, but the story is too hard to believe.  It is a weak story.

In Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers #12, Trouble in Paradise, the son of Don Ricardo, the UN Ambassador from the island of St. John, has disappeared.  Frank and Joe are sent to the Caribbean island to find him.

This story interested me enough that I read it, but it is just okay and not memorable.

Obviously, these books are all lacking.  The Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers series started off in a fashion that was interesting, albeit highly flawed, but at this point, the series begins going downhill fast.  The scary part is that these books are still early in the series.  Ugh.

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