Thursday, August 18, 2016

Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers #13 Mummy's Curse, #14 Hazed, and #15 Death and Diamonds

In Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers #13, The Mummy's Curse, a man found a map to a hidden tomb that contains a golden mummy.  The man was killed for the map, but he had given the map to his girlfriend, television star Sam Chilton, who plans to find the mummy.  Frank and Joe join Sam's expedition.

The beginning chapters are stupid.  The explanatory information concerning the mission is much longer than usual and bored me.  I couldn't stand Sam at the beginning of the book.  She is depicted as an extreme airhead.  I came very close to abandoning the book within the first 50 pages.  I forced myself to keep going.  Once the expedition begins, the story is much better.  Oddly, Sam quits being an airhead, which makes no sense at all.

The first part of the book is not good, and the rest of the book is very good.

In Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers #14, Hazed, Frank and Joe go undercover at Eagle River Academy.  A boy named Roy died recently, supposedly of a heart attack, but ATAC believes that he may have died as a result of hazing.  Frank and Joe allow themselves to be hazed in order to pick up clues.

We learn near the end of the story that Roy died from poisoning.  I find it very hard to believe that an autopsy would not have found the poison in Roy's body and that a heart attack would have been blamed.

This is an excellent book.

I realized near of the end of Hazed that the Undercover Brothers books don't have the boring question and answer session at the end.  That was a staple of the original 58.  It was used less often in the Digests, but still too often for my taste, since I almost always find it boring. 

In Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers #15, Death and Diamonds, an auction of valuable diamonds is taking place in Bayport.  Frank and Joe must serve as personal bodyguards to the two supermodels who will be wearing the jewelry.  Meanwhile, they must help thwart underworld characters from stealing the diamonds.

I enjoyed this book.

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