Friday, April 11, 2014

Nancy Drew #158 Curse of the Black Cat, #159 Fiery Chamber, and #160 Crystal Dove

In Nancy Drew #158, Curse of the Black Cat, Nancy and George go undercover as interns at the Waverly Academy, a private school for girls.  A number of girls have received notes from the Black Cat, cursing them.  Nancy tries to find out who is responsible for the notes.

I enjoyed this book up until around halfway through it, then I began to lose patience.  I felt that too many characters had been introduced, and even worse, too many of them were suspects.  It got to the point where it felt like everyone was a suspect.

I began to enjoy the book again towards the end.

In Nancy Drew #159, The Secret of the Fiery Chamber, Nancy, Bess, and George take pottery classes at an arts festival.  Soon after their arrival, an old friend, Theresa Kim, tells Nancy that someone is producing fake pottery and selling it as valuable antique pottery.  Nancy agrees to investigate.

This book is not very memorable and is just somewhat interesting.  As I read the book, I had the same feeling as I had while reading the stretch of books from around #105 to #115, which was the highest concentration of sabotage books.  I felt like I was reading one of those books, and I wanted something more interesting to happen.  This book seems lacking.

On page 111, Nancy is eavesdropping and is shocked by something she hears.  She blurts out a reaction and pounds on the wall, and the suspects hear her.  I thought that Nancy had better control over her emotions than that.

Theresa is the one who asks Nancy for help, and she is clearly worried.  I am amazed that Nancy quickly decides that Theresa is the primary suspect.  Nancy idiotically assumes that since Theresa has the skill to make fake pottery that she must be the guilty person.  Nancy doesn't consider that Theresa asked her to help find the perpetrator.

I also lost patience in this book as more and more characters were introduced. 

The Secret of the Fiery Chamber is mediocre.

In Nancy Drew #160, The Clue on the Crystal Dove, Nancy, Bess, and George travel to New York City to attend to the opening of the Van Hoogstraten museum.  Nancy begins to investigate after a crystal dove is stolen from the museum.

This story is just average, but it flows well.  Even though I was not overly interested, the book managed to hold my attention.  The character list is not long, and this helps.

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