Sunday, April 6, 2014

Nancy Drew #152 Satin Pocket, #153 Whispers in the Fog, and #154 Emerald Lady

In Nancy Drew #152, The Key in the Satin Pocket, Bess insists that Nancy and George visit her favorite vintage clothing shop.  Nancy's eye is caught by a vintage blue satin jacket, and she purchases the jacket.  Later, Nancy discovers a piece of paper with a number written on it inside a pocket.  Sewn inside the pocket is what appears to be the key to a safe-deposit box.

Nancy learns that the original owner of the jacket once owned the estate which is now occupied by Haddon Hall, a private school.  The private school has been burglarized recently, and soon, Nancy realizes that the culprit knows she has the key.

On page 37, Nancy hides in a laundry bin full of clean laundry that is delivered to the school.  She does this as a means to smuggle herself inside the grounds.  Once the bin is delivered, Nancy has to stay in the bin for four hours until everyone goes to bed.  It's a bit of a stretch for Nancy to assume that she would be able to stay in the bin for hours undisturbed.  What if an employee had decided to put the clean laundry away?

The Key in the Satin Pocket is a very engaging, very interesting story.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

In Nancy Drew #153, Whispers in the Fog, Nancy, Bess, George, and Ned vacation in California at the invitation of Katie Firestone, who owns a whale-watching boat and is a champion kayaker.  Someone is trying to sabotage Katie's whale-watching business, so Nancy investigates.

The Nancy Drew game, Danger on Deception Island, is based on this book.  I didn't note the page number, but at one point, the word "deception" is used in this book, and I am sure that was the genesis for the title of the game.

Whispers in the Fog is an excellent book.

In Nancy Drew #154, The Legend of the Emerald Lady, Carson Drew's friends, the Isaacs, invite Nancy, Bess, and Ned to stay at their plantation, Sugar Moon, in the Caribbean.  An intruder keeps breaking into the house and seems to be looking for something.  Nancy investigates.

I found it annoying that the Isaacs continually call Nancy, Bes, and Ned "kids."  It's quite natural that people who are middle-aged would call teenagers kids, but Nancy and her friends are not typically referred to in that fashion in the Nancy Drew series, so it bothered me.

The Legend of the Emerald Lady is an excellent story.


Unknown said...

They sound interesting! I haven't been able to read any of the "new" Nancy Drew books, but one of these days I'm planning on it. Nice to know they get good reviews. :)

I hate to ask questions like this on a blog post but I don't see a contact page, so I have a question as well.
There's a girls series that I've been trying to research for about a year now that you don't have listed. It's called The Motor Girls, it has... I think over 12 volumes, and was by Margret Penrose )or at least that was the penname).
I don't suppose you have any info on this or are going to be adding a page on it or anything?
Sorry to bug you, but thanks!

Jennifer White said...

Here is a page that lists the 10 Motor Girls titles.

Motor Girls series

I have the books but have not read them. I don't know anything else about them offhand. There are three styles of dust jackets. Two styles match the covers of the earlier Cupples and Leon books, and the last style was used on the Goldsmith reprints.

Most of the set is available for download on Project Gutenberg.