Friday, April 4, 2014

Nancy Drew #149 Gold Doubloons, #150 Moorsea Manor, and #151 Chocolate-Covered Contest

In Nancy Drew #149, The Clue of the Gold Doubloons, Nancy and George participate in the filming of a pirate movie in Baltimore.  A series of robberies occurs at the hotel where everyone is staying, and a gold doubloon is found at each crime scene, throwing suspicion on the crew.  Nancy wonders if someone is trying to sabotage the film or whether something more sinister is at play.  The situation becomes grim when George is accused of masterminding the robberies.

On page 35, Nancy and George have been awakened after the police arrive to investigate a robbery.  When the girls enter the hallway, the concierge apologizes to Nancy and George for the disturbance.  George replies, "We're used to robbery and mayhem."  The concierge looks at them, puzzled.  It's a typical day for Nancy and George!

I had a little trouble getting into this book at first, but once I did, I enjoyed it.

In Nancy Drew #150, Mystery at Moorsea Manor, Nancy and George vacation at Moorsea Manor in England.  Acts of sabotage plague Moorsea Manor, and the incidents quickly become dangerous.  Someone is trying to put Moorsea Manor out of business!

While investigating two brothers who run a real estate company, Nancy hears a dog in one of the offices.  Nancy figures that the dog is the Petersons' missing dog, so she opens the door.  The brothers are quite furious, saying that the dog's behavior causes them problems so they have to keep it confined to one room.  The brothers practically chase Nancy and George off their property.  On page 91, George remarks, "They kind of flew off the handle in a major way.  And just because you let their dog out."  Yes, George, I expect most people would be upset if someone decided to let their dog out.  Nancy was out of line.

Mystery at Moorsea Manor is an above average mystery, and I greatly enjoyed it.

In Nancy Drew #151, The Chocolate-Covered Contest, Nancy, Bess, and George go with the Science Sleuths and their sponsor, Andrea Cassella, to an amusement park owned by the Royal Chocolates Company.  Bess opens a Royal Chocolates chocolate bar to discover that she is the grand prize winner of their contest.  When the girls visit the Royal Chocolates headquarters, they are accused of forging the winning wrapper, because someone has already claimed the grand prize!

I dislike the title of this book and expected not to like the book.  I thought I recalled that I did not like the book when I read it years ago.  Perhaps I remembered wrong, because I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book this time.  This is an outstanding book.

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