Sunday, April 13, 2014

My Summer Series Book Reading List

I am quite far ahead in my reading as compared to my published Nancy Drew reviews.  My goal was to be done with the Nancy Drew Girl Detective and Diaries series by the end of May, perhaps sooner.  I am now on track to be finished with the Girl Detective series by the end of the first week in May.  The Diaries series won't take long, so I expect to be finished with both by the middle of May.

I am so looking forward to reading something other than Nancy Drew.  Don't get me wrong.  I have greatly enjoyed reading the books, but I am also tiring of them.  There are way too many Nancy Drew books!  They go on and on.

I have a list of what I want to read (and do) after I finish the Nancy Drew books.  My list keeps getting longer and longer.  I have been denying myself all books other than Nancy Drew since late January.  This is my list.

1.  The new Nancy Drew game, The Shattered Medallion

Pre-orders start in just a few days.  Yay!

2.  The Valerie Drew stories

This was a recent discovery, and I am looking forward to reading the stories.  Valerie Drew was based on Nancy Drew and possibly also Judy Bolton.  Valerie is described as "plucky," and she has a dog who is even smarter than Judy's Blackberry.

3.  The Silence of the Library by Miranda James

This book was written by a series book collector and has references to series books.  I've heard that this book is very good.

4.  Brandon Mull's new book, Sky Raiders

I really enjoy Brandon Mull's books.  If you like Harry Potter, then consider trying Brandon Mull.  He does not get the attention that he deserves.

5.  Several new releases including Backs Against the Wall by Tracey Ward, Love at Last by Christine Kersey, and Enders by Lissa Price

These books are each the next installment in young adult series that I have read.  I have made certain to avoid them, because once I read them, I will be reading others, which will distract me from other books for at least a month.  Young adult books are kind of like a drug to me, and I can hardly tear myself away from them.  I will never get through the Nancy Drew books if I dare let myself read any of these books.

6.  The Three Investigators series

I have read the first two books and enjoyed them.  I want to read the entire series.

7.  The original text Hardy Boys books

I read these books around 20 years ago.  It's about time that I revisit them.

8.  Probably a bunch of other stuff that I've forgotten to mention  

I have so much to read and so little time!

I will hopefully be busy going down this list well before my last Nancy Drew reviews get published, so my plan is to intersperse reviews of other books among my Nancy Drew reviews once I reach that point.

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Phyl said...

I have read about 20 of the Three Investigators books and loved them! I read somewhere that they re-wrote the series later and took out all references to Alfred Hitchcock! Here's an interesting pdf about the series -