Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Nancy Drew #146 Lantern Lady, #147 Captured Queen, and #148 Trail of Trouble

In Nancy Drew #146, The Ghost of the Lantern Lady, Nancy, Bess, and George volunteer at Persimmon Woods Pioneer Village.  The village is a reenactment of a pioneer village.  The volunteers dress up in clothing from the 1830s and complete daily chores while tourists visit the village.  The girls see the ghostly Lantern Lady soon after their arrival and learn that someone is sabotaging the pioneer village.

Page 131 has a mistake.  "As George limped out to the car, Nancy was happy to see that his bandaged ankle was definitely better."  Strangely, George has become a male.

Even though the plot returns to sabotage, this one is a bit different and is very interesting.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

In Nancy Drew #147, The Case of the Captured Queen, River Heights hosts a major international chess tournament.  One of the competitors, Danitra Winston, stays at Nancy's house.  Danitra begins receiving threatening messages, and Nancy soon learns that another competitor, Greta van Leeuwen, is receiving similar messages.  Nancy must find the culprit before someone gets hurt.

Inexplicably, Nancy's nemesis from the Nancy Drew Files series, Brenda Carlton, appears in this book.  This makes me think that this book was originally intended to be a title in the Nancy Drew Files series, because Brenda's presence makes no sense.

The culprit is kind of obvious, yet Nancy never suspects this person until the very end of the book.

The plot of this book is very similar to #96 The Case of the Photo Finish as well as a few other books.

I enjoyed The Case of the Captured Queen.

In Nancy Drew #148, On the Trail of Trouble, Nancy, Bess, and George stay at the Black Hills Buffalo Ranch.  The girls have come to help their friend, Kincaid Turner, and her parents.  Someone is stealing their buffalo!  The situation worsens when someone steals a pet buffalo and its calf.  I must be a callous person because I did not care at all. 

This book bored me.  I really tried to read it and gave up partway through the book.  I then read #149, The Clue of the Gold Doubloons, which I enjoyed.  I wondered what was wrong with me that I couldn't get into On the Trail of Trouble, so I tried again.  I was still completely bored and uninterested.  I again wondered what was wrong.  This book doesn't have the usual exciting events and stunning cliffhangers. 

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