Friday, May 6, 2011

A Rebound Nancy Drew Cameo Edition

I bought a group of Nancy Drew library discards because I liked one of the patterned bindings that was in the group.

As soon as I pulled the book from the box, I knew it was different.  The book was larger than the average Nancy Drew library binding, and at first I thought it might be the Nancy Drew Cookbook or Sleuth Book.  When I saw that the title was The Scarlet Slipper Mystery, I knew that the book had to be a rebound Cameo edition.  And so it was.

This makes for an interesting variant library rebound Nancy Drew book.  Most books that have been rebound are the typical picture cover or tweed books.  It is uncommon to find a Cameo edition that has been rebound.

The book has a book plate on the inside front cover which shows that the book was received in December 1978.  This means that this particular book was rebound in late 1978.  Also in the lot I purchased was another Cameo edition that had not been rebound.  That book came into the library's possession in 1974.  I assume that this book also came into the library's possession in 1974 and was rebound in 1978 due to the amount of wear and tear.

The edges of the text block have been trimmed, as is done with all books that are rebound.  This means that the edges of the text block are smooth like most Nancy Drew books.  The Cameo edition Nancy Drew books have deckle edges, so the rebinding process removed that aspect.  I personally don't like deckle edges, so I rather like how the text block was trimmed.

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