Monday, May 9, 2011

The Girl Scout's Problem Solved

I have very little regard for the books of Harriet Pyne Grove after I endured all five volumes of the Adventurous Allens series.  I actually liked the first three books in the series, despite the terrible writing.  The characters were very likable, and Grove had a good story to tell.  Grove's writing deteriorated further in the final two volumes, which were torturous to read, so I was completely turned off from ever reading another book by Grove.

Edith Lavell wrote 10 books in the Girl Scouts series published by A. L. Burt.  Harriet Pyne Grove supplied two additional titles, The Girl Scout's Problem Solved and The Girl Scouts of the Cardinal Patrol, which Burt tacked to the end of the list of Lavell titles.  The Grove titles have nothing to do with the Lavell books, so far as I can tell, aside from the fact that Burt added them to the list.  The Lavell books are quite good.

The two Grove Girl Scouts titles are very scarce.  As I write this, no copies of either title are available for sale online.  These books are about as scarce as those two elusive Linda Carlton books.  While I have a strong aversion to Harriet Pyne Grove, I can appreciate a scarce book when I see it.

Recently, a seller listed a copy of The Girl Scout's Problem Solved on eBay in a Buy It Now listing, and the book had the original dust jacket.  I decided to buy it, since I know how scarce the book is, especially in dust jacket.

I doubt that I will keep the book, but I'm going to hold onto it at least temporarily.  The dust jacket is unbelievably scarce.  I think I will place the book on the shelf by the Lavell books just to see how it displays.

I cannot stomach reading the book.  I tried when I had another copy that lacked a jacket months ago, but I could not get past the first three or so pages.  It is that bad.  I sold that book, and so I expect I will sell this one eventually.

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