Friday, May 20, 2011

Nancy Drew Clue in Diary Original Text PC

Nancy Drew #7, The Clue in the Diary, had only one original text picture cover printing.  The book is scarce but findable.  The problem is that most copies that surface are in rough shape.  I have owned the following book since 2003.

The book is in pretty good shape except for the water stains to the back cover and top edge.  The book is also slightly warped from the moisture exposure.  Every time I have acquired a 1932 text PC that is in approximately the same condition, it has had a flaw like a sticker scar to the front or back cover or has had significantly more wear to the edges.  I have opted to keep my book with the water stains, since my book has a nice front cover.

I always take notice when someone who has collected series books for many years decides to sell off his or her personal books.  When anyone who has collected for many years decides to sell books, some very good books come up for sale.  This person offered a 1932 text PC of Diary.  The seller mentioned a stain on the spine, but the book looked very nice in the photo.  I placed a bid and was pleased that I won the auction for less than my maximum bid and for within a price range that would allow me to sell the book if it turned out not to be better than my copy.

I was thrilled when I received my book and saw how nice it is.

The book has a water stain on the spine, but it is very minor.  The top edge of the book has a visible water stain right next to the spine, but it is also very minor.  Otherwise, the book has no flaws.  I am very pleased with this upgrade.


Coffeegulper said...

The last few times I've sold this exact copy, they really haven't sold for much. (And yes, for some reason, I have no trouble finding this particular printing searching around online or elsewhere).

The last time I sold this particular printing was last month. In quite excellent shape. Only got $15.50 for it at Ebay. :(


Jennifer White said...

I have noticed how low this book goes in auctions on eBay. It is no longer a suitable book to sell in an eBay auction. It needs to be sold at fixed price, since during any given week, few people will want it.

I have sold at least three copies on Bonanza for $25 to $55 in the last two years, and the books were not in excellent shape. I maintain that the value of the 1932 text Diary PC has not decreased, but rather, not enough people want it on any given day for an auction to be effective.

Jennifer White said...

I want to add that I also have little trouble finding this printing. I do, however, have trouble finding it in excellent condition. I have probably had between 6 and 10 extras pass through my hands over the years, and all of them have been in bad shape.

Coffeegulper said...

Yes, a fixed price would be a better idea for something like this.

(The same idea struck me, when I saw a copy of "Whistling Bagpipes" with a Tri-Fold ad go for a mere $19 one afternoon last year!)

I think that was the lowest I ever sold one of these 1932 PC "Diary" copies for, but at other times, I've sold them for anywhere between $35 and $55