Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Nancy Drew Revised Text PC with Blue Multi Endpapers

All first printing Nancy Drew picture covers for #1-38 have the blue multi endpapers regardless of whether the books have the original or revised text. #1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 have the revised 20 chapter texts with the blue multi endpapers. All picture cover printings of these five books up into the early 1970s kept the blue multi endpapers.

Many other books switched to the black and white multi endpapers during the same time that those five books kept the blue and white multi endpapers. For instance, #7 was revised down to 20 chapters in the second picture cover printing, so all picture cover printings of #7, except for the very first one, have the black and white multi endpapers.

As other books were revised, the endpapers switched to the black and white multi endpapers.  As far as I know, the books always switched to the black and white endpapers during the same printing that the text switched to the revised text.  It would be rather unusual to find a revised text picture cover book, aside from #1, 2, 3, 4, and 6, that has the blue multi endpapers.

Last week I acquired a copy of The Whispering Statue which has the 1970 revised text and the blue multi endpapers.

The book lists to Mirror Bay on the back cover and matches the points for the 1972A-61 printing according to Farah's 12th edition.  One could conjecture that perhaps revised text printings of Whispering Statue kept the blue multi endpapers for a few printings.  However, I have another book that disproves this theory.

I have a Whispering Statue that lists to Crooked Banister and matches the points for the 1971A-59 printing.  This book has the black and white multi endpapers.  The above pictured book appears to be an unusual anomaly.

Nevertheless, I know from past experience that if one exists, others may very well exist.  Do any of you have one?


Chris said...

I have one of these too, Jennifer. I got it about a year ago in a large box of books.

It lists to Banister on the back and it is the 1971B-60 printing. Maybe they had some extra blue end pages they needed to get rid of! :)

Jennifer White said...

Paula has also stated that she has one of these with the blue multi endpapers. She was unable to comment due to Blogger's meltdown after last night's maintenance. If anyone noticed that this post disappeared for quite a few hours and then reappeared, it was connected to Blogger's crash.

If anyone else has a Whispering Statue with the revised text and blue multi endpapers, please confirm.

My next question is whether anyone has the 1971B-60 or the 1972A-61 with black and white multi endpapers instead of the blue multi endpapers. I'd like to know whether it is just some scattered copies or whether many might have been printed with the blue multi endpapers.