Monday, March 20, 2023

Paco and Kristi by John Benton

From the back cover of Paco:

Although he had been a junkie and an occasional drug dealer for ten years, Paco Malicksen had always managed to stay one step ahead of the law.  Therefore, when a friend informed him that the cops were on his trail, Paco knew that he had to get out of the Bronx.  But once he wound up in Manhattan, things took a turn for the worse.

In order to support his demanding drug habit, Paco became hopelessly trapped in a revolving door of crime.  And with every new venture—drug dealing... robbing appliance stores... stealing cars... the course of his life veered closer toward a violent end.  When he completed a harrowing term in a New Jersey state pen, Paco quickly returned to crime and drugs, although he knew he was headed for certain death.

But one day Paco overheard a conversation about the one Person who had the power to save and restore broken lives.  Paco knew that he was in a desperate situation.  Was there a chance for him to have a new life?

Content: drug use, car theft, prostitution

I found this particular to title to be very interesting and engaging.  All of these books are, but this one is especially so.  This is an excellent book.

From the back cover of Kristi:

Abused at home by alcoholic parents, fifteen-year-old Kristi Zetterstill was easy prey for a slick-talking New York pimp named Danny, who made a business of luring girls from troubled Midwestern homes.  Promising her independence and freedom, Danny took Kristi from her native Minnesota to New York City, where she quickly learned that she had made a horrible mistake. 

Danny's big promises vanished like smoke and Kristi found herself hopelessly entangled in prostitution.  She was Danny's girl now, and his beating and threats to kill her made her life worthless and unbearable.  In desperation, she tried to take her own life—and nearly succeeded.  Was there any better way to find freedom from her vicious pimp and end her life of misery?  Here's Kristi's gripping story of how she discovered a real lasting peace and joy in her life—and how you can find it, too.

Content: prostitution, violence, murder, suicide attempt, theft

I found this story to be pretty engaging and really enjoyed it. 

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