Sunday, September 20, 2020

I Hate the New Blogger, the New Facebook, and 2020

Blogger changed the editing interface for those of us who have blogs.  I was forced into the new version this weekend where I can no longer go back to the legacy Blogger.  I hate the new Blogger. 

I hate it so much that I wish to abandon this blog immediately.  

OMG.  This is not easier to use.  It is harder.  Hitting "enter" does that stupid double space that Microsoft Word does.  I hate it.

Blogger, why are you indenting the very first sentence of each post by one character when I don't want that?  Just let me type the way I want.  You are making me delete that space at the beginning.  It looks stupid for the first sentence to be indented by one character when the others are not.  I don't want that.

The manual save button is gone!  The post autosaves, sure, but I want to be certain by hitting the button.  This is stressing me out.

My blog queue is ruined.  I set dates for when I want posts to publish.  I want to see those dates in the queue.  But no!  Blogger only shows me the date on which I last edited the post, not the date to which I have changed it.  Most of my draft posts are dated "September 20" because I edited the dates on those posts today.  I think if I change the posts from draft and set them to publish, then the dates will change.  But the posts aren't finished!  I don't want to set them to publish in case I forget to finish them!

I hate this so much.  

I am already quite unmotivated to write future posts.  This may end it for me.  I am not kidding.  I do not like this.  Given some time, I expect I will get over this, but the new Blogger is not an improvement.  It's always been clear to me that the people who do the programming for sites do not actually use them.  They have no clue.

Tell me about other blog services.  Are they less stupid?  This is actually a serious question.

And don't get me started on the new Facebook.  I hate it, too.  The new Facebook looks attractive, but I do not like it.  There is information hidden on the new Facebook that was not hidden before.  Facebook is still letting me change back to the classic version, but that will change very soon.  I will not be happy when I am finally stuck in the new Facebook.  

Facebook is also stupid, period.  For instance, we use questions that prospective members of groups must answer to be admitted into the groups.  Do you think Facebook shows mobile users those questions?  Of course not!  And everyone uses their phone for everything.   Granted, some people may see the questions, but I know for a fact that others don't see them.  I didn't see them when I checked on my phone.  Pfft.

Oh yeah, and mask usage is decreasing in local stores.  It may be about time for grocery pickup again.  

Just add Facebook and Blogger to the very long list of things gone bad in 2020.  What else will get ruined in the next few months?  


TheBargainSleuth said...

Word Press just changed their editor, too, so I feel your pain. It's so hard to schedule posts now, which is what I have to do because I'm back at work again. Luckily I'm scheduled three weeks out so I'll have that much time to figure out all the changes.

As for Facebook, I didn't even get the option of changing back to classic. Just woke up one day and there it was. Stories heavy on top, which I suppose means we're supposed to use them more, but I NEVER watch stories. Just give me my posts. And I can't even find my page's news feed anymore.

Linda said...

Jennifer, I loathe the new Blogger interface, but hang on. If you are still struggling, I figured a couple of things out.

When you start a new post, check out the bar at the top of the post. Between the "T" and the "B" that bolds the text, there's a word there. If it says "Paragraph," click on it; it's a dropdown. Then change it to "Normal." Then it will single space instead of double space. (BTW, I hate Microslop Word, too. Long live WordPerfect!)

Where it says "Publish"? That's a dropdown, too. Under it is the manual save.

I do a lot of posts ahead of time, too. Alas, it only lists the date you created the entry. However, if you choose the date that you want it to publish on, and save it manually, it will then put the messages in order of the date you want to publish.

Alas, haven't figured out to get rid of that stupid one-space indent.

Just like developers: they finally get it working properly and then they change it. (Except for Microslop Word, which has never worked properly...)

Would miss reading your blog if you quit.

Jennifer White said...

I appreciate the tips. I have begun to adjust to the new Blogger, but I still find it quite annoying. Your tips will certainly help me work with it better. Thanks!