Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Wishing Star #6 Too Much in Love and #7 Don't Look Back

Wishing Star #6 Too Much in Love, Patty Brisco, 1979

Holly and Jeff are so much in love... Then Holly tells Jeff that she's going to have a baby.  What can they do?  Their parents are furious and can't agree about anything.  Jeff is so confused he hardly seems to care what happens!  Holly doesn't know which way to turn, so she runs away to find her own answers—and a decision she can accept with her heart.

This was the first Wishing Star book that I read, just to see if I would like the books.  I read the book very quickly, because I was intensely curious to see which solution would be chosen.

This is a very good book.

Wishing Star #7 Don't Look Back, Audrey P. Johnson, 1981

When she wrote in her journal, the words flowed effortlessly as she told of meeting Gabe.  What did it mean, this quickening, this awareness of a boy she had just met today?

Ellen could so easily fall in love with Gabe!  But their relationship is never smooth.  It's up and down, easy and hard...

Life is tough for Ellen.  Her father is dead, and she is determined to keep their farm going, but her mother and sister don't care.  They'd rather move to town.  Ellen is terrified of losing the farm... and Gabe.  Can she manage alone?  Or will Gabe be at her side to help?

Ellen is at the beginning of her senior year in  high school, so she is probably 17.  What's up with the "girl" on the cover of this book?  The "girl" looks rather old for 17.

On page 150, the flu epidemic of 1918 is mentioned.  I wonder if the 2020 pandemic will be mentioned in as many future books as the 1918 flu was mentioned in past books.

I skimmed a few parts of the book, but it is overall very good.  I have a slightly negative view of the book due to my astonishment about the cover picture.  The cover picture messed with me the entire time I was reading the book.

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