Tuesday, September 15, 2020

An Unexpected Wet Package

Late this evening, I found a wet package on my porch.  I didn't even know what was in it, since I wasn't supposed to get anything from FedEx.  Regardless, a wet package is never good, since my packages usually contain books.  It should be noted that my porch is dry, and it hasn't rained in days.  The package did not get wet here.

The darker brown lines are where the box was wet.  I opened the package to find some Nancy Drew softcover books that I purchased from the United Kingdom.  Ah.  I didn't expect my UK shipment to come via FedEx from California.

Well, this is unfortunate.  I have had international packages arrive wet before.  It's very disappointing, since international shipments contain difficult to find international editions.  I hate it when the books arrive damaged.

One corner of the box was pretty wet inside, and the stack of books in that corner was also wet.  The books seen in the center of the below photo with the outside page edges facing out are the wet books.  The wetness can be seen at the top corners.

The books have dark spots on the wet areas that might be mildew.  That's just splendid.  I believe that these books had been wet for a while.  Is it asking too much for packages not to be dropped in water?  I suppose it is.  This would not have been a problem if the books had been wrapped in plastic.  Always wrap books in plastic before mailing them.  This situation shows why.

I immediately took the books that were wet and dried them with a hair dryer.  It took around 15 minutes.  The books are not completely dry, but at least the wetness isn't still festering like it was.  The below photo shows the wet books after I got them mostly dry with the hair dryer.

The books will be placed in front of a fan to finish drying.  I will then place them in a book press to flatten them somewhat, since the pages are now wavy.  The pages will not go back to the way they were before, but I can make them better than they are now.


On September 22, 2020, I wrote about placing the books in the book press.

A Brief Update to "An Unexpected Wet Package"


April 29, 2021 Update:

As I thought would happen, I forgot about the books and left them in the book press all these months.  Actually, I have seen them several times in recent months but didn't feel like removing the books.  I finally did so tonight. 

The books were not kept in the same order as the group picture seen in the above photos.  I looked at the second photo and tried to rearrange the books as best I could in what I thought was the correct order by using the stains seen on the outside page edges.  The first six books from the left are probably in the same order.  Three of the last four books might not be in the same order since I couldn't tell the difference between them.

The books are more flat than they were.  They are still damaged, but they are now in better shape than they were when placed in the book press.  Also, the books have no odor since I dried them with a hair dryer immediately after I opened the package back in September.

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