Saturday, April 25, 2020

Sweet Dreams #57 On Her Own and #58 Rhythm of Love

Sweet Dreams #57 On Her Own, Suzanne Rand, 1984

Most of the kids in the Roughing It program seem to have a lot more experience and confidence than Katie Carlisle.  She wonders if she'll be able to keep up as they learn survival skills for three weeks in the Adirondack wilderness.  But Lisa, who becomes Katie's instant best friend, is more than willing to lend a helping hand whenever Katie hits a snag.

Then Jake Summers begins to take an interest in Katie, and Lisa's attitude quickly changes.  It's obvious that she and Jake had something going in the past and that Lisa is still in love with him.

Katie is crazy about Jake, but she doesn't want to hurt Lisa.  Still, there's something about Lisa's confession of her romance with Jake that doesn't quite ring true.

I enjoyed the beginning of the book well enough, since I like the setting.  However, I skimmed parts of the book due to lack of interest.  I did find the ending to be interesting.  Lisa is a needy, unusual girl.

Sweet Dreams #58 Rhythm of Love, Stephanie Foster, 1984

When Scott tells Darcy he doesn't need her as keyboard player anymore, Darcy can't believe it.  The band is the most important thing in her life—next to Scott.  Now she'll never get to be his girlfriend.

Or will she?  What if Darcy starts her own band?  Scott will have to notice her.  As fast as she can, Darcy sets up auditions and forms her very own group.  But Scott's not the only one who notices her.  Carl, her new group's drummer, does, too.  And Carl is the one who's there to help her when Scott tries to keep Darcy's band from becoming as popular as his own.

This is the type of teen romance plot that I do not like.  A girl trying to win a boy's love by doing something to impress him is doomed to fail.  That's just a given.  Scott is a jerk, so of course he isn't going to suddenly respect Darcy.

That said, I decided to give the book a chance.  I skipped over most of the first few chapters, and then started reading the book because it seemed to be written quite well.

Darcy is being manipulated by Scott, but she kind of knows it, so she's not an idiot like the girls usually are in this type of story.

I ended up enjoying the story of Darcy getting her band together and trying to make it work.  This is a pretty good book overall.

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