Thursday, April 16, 2020

Sweet Dreams #55 Spotlight on Love and #56 Campfire Nights

Sweet Dreams #55 Spotlight on Love, Nancy Pines, 1984

Callie had always hoped that from her cocoon of baby fat a butterfly would one day emerge.  Now, after sticking to a strict diet all summer, her dream has come true.  She's slender, attractive, and for the first time in her life, she's up for the lead in the school musical—not as the fat girl or the funny girl, but the honest-to-goodness romantic lead opposite handsome David Palmer.

David makes her heart do flip-flops, and to Callie's delighted amazement, he seems to like her, too.  But Callie's visions of a long-running romance are shattered when Kim Crawford comes on the scene.  Will Callie find herself out of the spotlight while Kim and David take center stage?

I did not find this book interesting, so I decided not to read it.

Sweet Dreams #56 Campfire Nights, Dale Cowan, 1984

Jill's summer as a junior counselor at Camp Winnetonga starts off with a surprise when Brad Cassidy, the new waterfront instructor, begins paying attention to her.  Brad is blond and gorgeous, and every girl at camp is dying to get to know him.  Jill's on cloud nine—although she doesn't quite trust him.

Then she meets Skip, another counselor.  He's quiet and serious, and he and Jill have so much in common.  they could spend hours talking, or walking in the moonlight.  But somehow Skip's not as exciting as Brad.  Jill feels confused.  Must she choose between Skip and Brad?  And will the boy of her choice return her love?

This is a very good book.

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