Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Sweet Dreams #51 Magic Moments and #52 Love Notes

Sweet Dreams #51 Magic Moments, Debra Spector, 1984

As an amateur magician, Nicki knows a lot about sudden appearances.  So naturally she's delighted when handsome Perry Ingram walks into her life.  He's one of the best young magicians in the state and everything she wants a boy to be.

When Nicki's alone with Perry, she believes romance is in the cards.  But lately Perry has been appearing more frequently with Lana, his gorgeous assistant.  Nicki's afraid that her magic isn't enough to keep Perry from breaking her heart—and disappearing forever.

The book opens well and caught my attention.  By halfway through, I no longer cared and quit reading.

Sweet Dreams #52 Love Notes, Joanna Campbell, 1984

There's nothing Kirsten wants more than to be a concert pianist—unless it's Peter, the talented violinist she's met at the Greenacres Summer Music Program.  It's almost too good to be true when they're assigned a duet and must rehearse together every evening.

Though proud and distant, Peter also has a soft, sensitive side that comes out around Kirsten.  A dream romance is blossoming until Peter airs his views on girls and their careers.  Instantly the summer turns sour.  Will Peter ever admit he's wrong?

This book did not interest me.

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