Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Wildfire #75 Love to the Rescue and #76 Senior Prom

75. Love to the Rescue, Deborah Kent, 1985

Lifeguards have all the fun.  That's what Laurie Cavanaugh used to think before she became one.  Now she knows there's more to the job than looking great in a bathing suit.  It's demanding work and a big responsibility.  But there would be some time for fun in the sun if Andy Hawthorne, the head lifeguard, wasn't such a creep.  He watches every move Laurie makes and criticizes her constantly.  Why does he have to be the cutest boy she has ever seen?  Laurie is confused, but she's sure of one thing.  Being a lifeguard may not be fun, but it's never boring either!

This is an excellent book.  I really enjoyed it.

76. Senior Prom, Patricia Aks, 1985

Last year Amy thought she'd found Mr. Right, but Jeff turned out to be oh-so-wrong.  With her new-found confidence, Amy realizes she doesn't need just one boyfriend—she's ready to play the field!  Even if she doesn't have much in common with any of the boys she dates, she loves being popular.  Best of all, Amy doesn't have to worry about a date for the senior prom.  This year her biggest worry is deciding which of her three invitations to accept!

Then Amy sees Jeff with another girl and the stab of pain in her heart tells her what she knew inside all along:  She still loves Jeff.  What good are a million dates for the prom, when you can't have the only one you want?

Fortunately, Amy isn't as stupid as she was in the previous book, Junior Prom.  This is a good book but nothing special.

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