Monday, July 29, 2019

Dana Girls #1 By the Light of the Study Lamp

In Dana Girls #1, By the Light of the Study Lamp, Uncle Ned purchases a present for Jean and Louise, a study lamp which the girls intend to use in their room at Starhurst.  Shortly after the lamp arrives, it is stolen!  The girls track the lamp to a junk store, where they purchase it.

Meanwhile, the Danas' friend, Evelyn Starr, may not be able to remain a student at Starhurst.  Evelyn's family once owned the property which is now used for the school.  The Starrs have lost their fortune, and even worse, Evelyn's brother, Franklin, has disappeared!

On page 18, Garbone insists, "I know nothing about a lamp.  I am not a thief.  I am an honest business man."  Right.  I find that many people who go around declaring their honesty are actually dishonest.  Garbone fits this pattern perfectly.

I had never thought that the price of $50 for the study lamp was off, and that is because I wasn't thinking about it.  $50 is fine now, but $50 in 1934 is quite a high price.  That amount is equivalent to around $950 today.  Can you image two high school girls paying $950 for a lamp?  The Dana Girls must be very wealthy to be able to throw money around like that, especially considering that the $50 is used to repurchase their own lamp.

Jean and Louise get back at their rivals, Lettie and Ina, by adding red pepper to cream puffs and placing them where Lettie and Ina will find them.  At times, the Danas are no better than Lettie and Ina.

On page 138, it's extremely improbable that Evelyn doesn't recognize her own brother in disguise.  She doesn't recognize his voice.  This is impossible to believe.

This is a very good book.

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Mysticlover said...

I bought the first four books from Etsy ,actually it’s because of this site that I heard about this series. I didn’t even know about this series I just finished the first book .