Thursday, July 25, 2019

#79 A Girl Named Summer and #80 Recipe for Romance

79. A Girl Named Summer, Julie Garwood, 1986

A little lie never hurt anyone.  That's what Summer Matthews thought when she met David Marshall and fell in love.  Summer would do anything for David, including letting him believe something about herself that isn't true.  When Summer finds out that David admires girl athletes, she decides to compete in a six-mile race to impress him, even though she's never raced before.  Behind David's back, she begins a rigorous training schedule, and two months later, her plan seems to be working.  She's ready for the big race. 

But then David tells Summer the only thing he can't stand is being lied to.  What will happen if he finds out about Summer's lie?  Will all her hard work have been for nothing?

I enjoyed this book.

80. Recipe For Romance, Terri Fields, 1986

Holly Hanson wants to be a great chef one day.  Her part-time job as an assistant cook in a fraternity house is giving her a head start on her career—but it's setting her love life back a long way!  Holly’s job should be a great way to meet guys, but her boss has one strict rule: no dating the frat men. 

Holly doesn't want to lose her job, so when Greg, a cute, funny guy, asks her out, she turns him down.  But Greg comes up with a plan...  If his recipe for romance flops, Holly will be out of a job and out of love.

This is an excellent book.


Amy Sisson said...

I guess she's holding a mixing bowl and spoon, but in that outfit I thought at first she was holding a construction hardhat!

Tai said...

Amy, I can't unsee the construction hardhat now! LOL.