Sunday, April 7, 2019

Judy Bolton #36 The Pledge of the Twin Knights

In Judy Bolton #36, The Pledge of the Twin Knights, Judy and Honey join the chess club at its meeting in one of the conference rooms of the Hamilton Manufacturing Company.  Judy considers the location to be strange and wonders whether any of the members could discover the company's secrets.

Horace and Donald are called back to the newspaper during the meeting, and Judy's disquiet grows.  She seeks out a radio, learning from the news that 10 prisoners have escaped.  Judy's new friend, Lorna, acts strange, and Judy wonders if she knows something.  Later, Judy learns that her father is missing.

A baby swallowed a screw, and Dr. Bolton is supposed to remove the screw by dropping a magnet down the esophagus.  Since Dr. Bolton is missing, the hospital decides to wait until Dr. Bolton is found before doing anything about the screw.  What if Dr. Bolton is never found?  What if they end up waiting too long?  The hospital's decision seems strange to me.

This story is quite compelling, since Dr. Bolton is missing.  This is an excellent book.

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