Friday, April 5, 2019

Judy Bolton #34 The Puzzle in the Pond and #35 The Hidden Clue

In Judy Bolton #34, The Puzzle in the Pond, Judy discovers a piece of the Boltons' old furniture from the Roulsville flood in a pond near the Jewell sisters' property.  The pond is upstream from Roulville, so Judy is mystified how the furniture came to be in the pond.  Judy also helps locate a missing boy from a nearby orphanage and hopes to reunite him with his father.

On page 52, the reader learns that the Roulsville flood occurred six years ago, which puts Judy's age at about 21.

On page 142, Blackberry has gone inside an abandoned house.  He will not come when Judy calls him, so she and Peter drive off.  Judy is rather careless with that cat.  Of course, he's supposed to be as smart as a human, so the reader can assume that the cat will be found.  In real life, the cat would end up lost forever.

The ending of this book is more drawn out than I would have liked, and I became quite bored towards the end.  I do like how the book has a connection with the Roulsville flood.

This is an overall very good book, but some parts were not very compelling and bored me.

In Judy Bolton #35, The Hidden Clue, Judy cares for a young sister and brother who have no place to stay after their orphanage burned.  The girl and boy have no names and are known as Sister and Little Brother.  Judy learns about a talking doll that Sister remembers and feels that the doll is a clue to Sister's past.

I do not find Sister to be at all likable, so I was never interested in the story.

This book bored me.  I do not like it, and I have never liked it.

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