Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Judy Bolton #9 The Mysterious Half Cat

In Judy Bolton #9, The Mysterious Half Cat, Judy is thrilled that her old friend, Scottie, is returning to Farringdon.  When Scottie arrives, Judy finds that she has changed.  She is no longer carefree and interested in solving mysteries.  Scottie's every thought is on her young sister, Carol, who appears to be mentally disabled.  Meanwhile, Scottie is searching for her relatives so that she can get some help taking care of Carol.

According to a passage on page 40 of A Guide to Judy Bolton Country, Margaret Sutton's editor did not like the story as Margaret originally wrote it.  She requested major changes.  Margaret replied, "I have added a new thread of mystery and taken out everything that seemed unnecessary to a clear, concise synopsis."

I don't consider the final story to be very clear or concise.  I find it to be a bit odd and obnoxious.  The story features as sort of an afterthought a Chinese laundromat with supposed spirits in the basement.  That isn't necessary.  Scottie deliberately keeps information from Judy, and meanwhile, she blames Judy for not helping her.  Excuse me?  How can Judy help her if she won't tell what she knows?

I only somewhat enjoyed this story. 

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