Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Judy Bolton #10 The Riddle of the Double Ring

In Judy Bolton #10, The Riddle of the Double Ring, Judy is shocked when Arthur Farringdon-Pett proposes to her and gives her a ruby engagement ring.  Judy is unsure of what she wants and makes Arthur promise to keep their engagement a secret.  Judy still likes Peter, but she also likes the idea of marrying Arthur.

Lorraine has her own suspicions and decides to try to capture some thieves in order to prove that she is as good as Judy.  Lorraine disappears, and Judy and Arthur begin a desperate search for her whereabouts.

On page 14, Arthur says of Lorraine, "Sometimes I feel like taking her over my knee and giving her a few lessons her mother should have given her sixteen years ago."  Ugh.  Sexism like this did bother me years ago, but it does now.

The middle part of the story bored me somewhat.  This is the part where Judy searches for Lorraine.

Judy's brief engagement to Arthur has always annoyed me, simply because it is so obviously wrong.

I enjoyed the book, except for the parts that bored me.

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