Monday, January 21, 2019

eBay Promotions + Many New Etsy Listings

I need to get some stale listings moved out of my eBay store.  I also need to get the number of listings down, even if the result is just getting some of the more popular items to move.

I went through my store and slightly lowered the prices of some of the stale listings.  I also added a promotion for 10% off any order of 2 or more items.  I placed the minimum quantity at 2 in order to avoid anyone purchasing the one $5.99 item and getting 10% off.  I am fine if the discount is triggered for orders totaling above $10.

I also still have the promotion for free shipping to the United States on orders of $35 or more.

Buyers can work the discount to their advantage if they only want a more expensive item.  I have a book priced at about $600.  By purchasing it alone, the buyer receives no discount.  If the buyer finds a book for $5.99 and adds it to the cart with the $600 book, then the discount is activated.  The buyer then gets $60 off of the expensive book.  I have had only one or two buyers work the discount that way for items priced above $100.  I was glad to see them do it, since it helped get a couple of items sold.  Every little bit helps.

Jennifer's Series Books on eBay

I do not plan to list any additional books on eBay until I get the number of listings down.  I have 295 listings, which is more than my allotted 250 free listings.  If I can get my listings down to around 250, then most or all can be renewed with this month's free listings.  The reason I have extra listings is because of a listing promotion in December.

I have been working on my Etsy shop this weekend.  I previously reported that I had moved 65 books from Etsy to eBay because the books were not moving on Etsy.  As of this writing, over half of those books have sold on eBay.  By the way, I raised the prices of most of those listings when I moved them to eBay, and they still sold fast.  The buyers for those particular books are on eBay.

I find that the main girls' series books sell the best for me on Etsy, so I wish to concentrate on those books.  My best seller by far is Nancy Drew followed by the Dana Girls.  Trixie Belden, Cherry Ames, and the Three Investigators sell regularly but not nearly as well as Nancy Drew and the Dana Girls.  I currently have only one book on Etsy that is not from one of those series, and I will remove it once my other copy sells on eBay.

I feel like this will work out really well having my Etsy shop strongly focused on just certain series.  Since I no longer have as many series on Etsy, I have changed my shop categories to better split up the inventory of those series.  Sellers are only allowed 20 categories on Etsy, so we must choose wisely depending upon what we sell.

Jennifer's Series Books on Etsy

I have listed over 60 books on Etsy this weekend.  Some of them have already sold, but there are still around 45 or so new listings.  I have finished listing the books that are different from what had been listed.  I hope to list quite a few revised text Nancy Drew books today, but these listings will just replace books that have sold in the last month or two.

On Etsy, I still have free shipping to the United States on orders of $35 or more.  I have no other discounts on Etsy currently, since traffic and sales have improved on Etsy in the last week. 

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