Thursday, January 10, 2019

Judy Bolton #6 The Yellow Phantom and #7 The Mystic Ball

In Judy Bolton #6, The Yellow Phantom, Judy and Irene visit Pauline Faulkner in New York City.  The girls meet Dale Meredith, who is an author, and both Irene and Pauline fall for him.  Judy schemes to get employed by Dale's agent, Miss Grimshaw, and succeeds.  Judy's new job leads to Irene learning a secret from her past—a secret that will forever change her life.

According to a passage on page 36 of A Guide to Judy Bolton Country, this story was originally intended to be a magazine serial or an independent novel called Golden Girl.  Instead, the story was turned into a Judy Bolton mystery.

On page 190, Irene is called a "wench" by Miss Grimshaw.  I was a bit taken aback, since the word is archaic and sometimes means a lewd woman.  Irene is sweet and sensitive and not at all lewd.

This is a very compelling story.  It is excellent.

In Judy Bolton #7, The Mystic Ball, Wanda the Mystic arrives in Farringdon.  Judy, Irene, and the rest of their friends all attend the event together.  Irene is called up on stage and has her fortune told.  Nobody can hear what Irene is told, but Irene is quite upset afterwards.  Irene is convinced that her romance with Dale is doomed and that she will never be happy.  Judy must find a way to prove to Irene that her superstitious beliefs are unfounded.

Some parts of the plot of this book are quite annoying.  For instance, Judy and Irene get this ridiculous idea of changing places.  Judy writes a response to one of Dale's love letters to Irene.  Of course the result is a total disaster.  I wanted to reach into the book and slap Judy around for even thinking that answering another person's love letter was wise.

This is a good book.

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