Thursday, October 11, 2018

Trixie Belden #37 Pet Show Mystery and #38 Indian Burial Ground Mystery

In Trixie Belden #37, The Pet Show Mystery, Trixie sees Norma Nelson feeding the pheasants on Glen Road.  When Trixie realizes that the pheasants cannot find enough food during the winter, she and the Bob-Whites organize a pet show.  The proceeds will purchase seed for the birds.  As plans get underway, someone tries to sabotage the show.  Trixie must find the culprit before the show is ruined.

It's a bit rude for Trixie to upstage Norma and find a way to feed the birds without asking Norma for help or trying to involve her at all.

The characters behave inconsistently in this story as compared to earlier books in the series.  Quality control was lacking.  That aside, the story is overall very good.

In Trixie Belden #38, The Indian Burial Ground Mystery, an archaeological dig commences in the Wheelers' game preserve.  Trixie and Honey get jobs at the dig.  Meanwhile, thieves are breaking into the homes of the wealthy.  One night, the girls see a ghost in the game preserve while the Manor House is being robbed.  Is there a connection, or have the Indians' spirits risen from their graves?

This book is full of characterization errors.  Suddenly, Trixie likes riding Lady the best.  It was always Susie before.

Miss Trask actually screams when the Manor House is robbed.  Miss Trask would never scream.  On page 171, Miss Trask grumbles.  Ugh!  No, she wouldn't!

I just wanted to slap Trixie all through this book.  She is described as "smug" over and over throughout the book.  This reminds me of the "smirks" in the Nancy Drew Diaries series.  I cannot stand it.

Trixie also pouts on page 180.  Say what?!

On page 151, Trixie and Honey are able to pull a man and a dog out of a cellar by pulling them up by rope.  The man and dog are said to weigh around 200 pounds altogether.  I am a bit skeptical about whether the girls really could have done it.

This is a very good book, but in order to enjoy it, the reader must ignore the glaring inconsistencies.

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