Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Meg Duncan #5 The Mystery of the Black-Magic Cave and #6 Mystery in Williamsburg

In Meg Duncan #5, The Mystery of the Black-Magic Cave, Meg, Kerry, and Uncle Hal travel to Merrybones, Maine, where Uncle Hal stays in his cabin and the two girls stay in a boarding house.  Uncle Hal's friend, Emily Hawthorne, is being threatened.  Emily's family once lived in the town, and she recently returned.  For some reason, she is not welcome.

Meg and Kerry learn that a coven of witches has meetings in a nearby cave.  The girls soon suspect that many of the prominent women of the town may be involved.  The girls wonder whether the women are the ones threatening Emily.

This is a really good mystery.  The story is excellent.

In Meg Duncan #6, Mystery in Williamsburg, Meg and Kerry are hostesses at an antique toy show in Williamsburg.  Meg searches for the valuable George Washington clothespin dolls, which have been missing for years.  An old dollhouse loaned to the show by Miss Mariah apparently holds the key to finding the dolls.  Several men appear to be way too interested in the dollhouse, and Meg fears that the clothespin dolls will be located by one of the men before she and Kerry can find them.

This is a very good book.

If the entire Meg Duncan series had been written exactly like the first two books, I would not have a very good overall opinion of it.  Instead, the series gets better and better, and in particular, #3, 4, and 5 are quite good.  I enjoyed #6 slightly less than the preceding three volumes but better than #1 and 2.  Overall, the Meg Duncan series is a very good series.

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