Monday, October 2, 2017

The Hideous eBay Seller Hub and Other Random Thoughts

eBay sellers have a selling manager that presents data in an organized fashion.  It's great.  eBay thought that they could improve it and came up with the seller hub.

I was switched to the seller hub earlier this year, found it awful, and followed the link to opt out.  Last month, eBay placed me in the seller hub again, but this time, no link to opt out was present.  I couldn't believe it.  The seller hub is truly awful.  Nothing can be found easily, and useful links that were prominent in selling manager are nowhere to be found.  It's another example of company employees who don't use the site thinking that they can make it better for those that do use the site.  

I thought I had to stay in seller hub and have been tortured by it for several weeks.  I finally noticed a link to the seller hub message board.  I went to it, where I discovered a bunch of unhappy sellers who hate the seller hub.  You would think that eBay would get a clue.  Why force us to use something that everyone hates and is unusable?

The good news is that I learned that we can opt out, but in a difficult to find fashion.  Go into your account settings and find "subscriptions."  The seller hub subscription will be listed.  Click on the link to cancel the seller hub subscription.  After that has been done, go back to the subscriptions page.  Scroll down until you find "selling manager." Click on it to subscribe to it.  You will have the selling manager back.

The selling manager has a prominent link at the top to switch to seller hub.  It's rather interesting that the awful seller hub has no link to switch to selling manager.  eBay does not want us to use selling manager, which is a far superior product to the hideous eBay seller hub.

This screen cap shows my selling manager.

Click on the image to see a larger version.  I did remove the sales information from the right side, but otherwise, you are seeing the information from the top part of my selling manager.  The links along the left side are extremely useful and include my buying information.  I am not just a seller, and I like to be able to get to my buying activity just as easily.  All buying information is missing in seller hub.  Furthermore, the useful seller links along the left side are all missing from seller hub.  I use most of them often.

That's why I cannot stand seller hub.

I ended my 10%-off promotions on both eBay and Etsy.  I apologize to those of you who actually appreciated the promotions.  Unfortunately, many people apparently felt entitled to a greater discount than what I offered, so I felt that the promotions were encouraging bad behavior.  An increasing number of people have contacted me in the last couple of months to ask for a "larger discount."  Since this behavior makes me stubborn, now I have no discount at all.

After some comments, I want to clarify my remarks from my last post.

My goal of 365 books by the end of the year was set because I expected to read many short, modern books this year.  I thought I was going to be reading Sweet Valley High by June, but that didn't happen.  I wanted a difficult goal because I wanted to be driven to read through that lengthy series as fast as I could.  That's why I set the goal.  But sometimes plans don't go as expected, and I ended up reading some very long books.  Now I'm back on my original planned track since I am currently reading Sweet Valley High.

Some of you feel that my reading goal is causing me stress.  Not at all.  If I don't reach my goal, I'm not going to lose sleep over it.  When I lost interest in reading 2 1/2 weeks ago, it was because I got annoyed with what I was reading.

I had purchased a small number of Baby-Sitters Club books to try out.  I wanted to read every book that I had purchased to get a good sample of the series.  I greatly enjoyed the first few that I read.  I then read a few that I didn't like as much.  I next read one that had an excessive amount of background information done in the style of Girls of Canby Hall, obviously designed to take up many pages.  I became so annoyed that I quit reading.

I was at a loss as to what to read, and I had some other things that took my interest instead.  I wasn't stressed by the reading; it's just that I lost interest in reading temporarily.  I then forced myself into Sweet Valley High, and I'm set again, reading along at a good pace.  I love to read more than any other activity, so my reading goal does not stress me one bit.

Let's mention what does cause stress:  Facebook.  In the last month, I have been told off twice.  I was called a "dumb broad" and told to "f--- off."  Another person told me that I didn't have the right to close threads in my own group and that I didn't have the right to remove members from my own group.  Excuse me?  Group membership is a privilege, not a right.  If you cause trouble, you will be removed.

I am actually getting really good at taking the attacks in stride.  Being called a "dumb broad" made me laugh, since it was so stupid.  I wasn't aware that men still call women dumb broads these days.  I consider it an old-fashioned term, since I remember it from childhood when I watched reruns of old television programs from the 1950s and 1960s.

What gets to me is the amount of time spent on Facebook moderation.  It's taking up way too much time that I would not lose if others were careful about their actions.  We have rules, and multiple times in September, new members did not read the rules and immediately broke them.  I have to decide when to kick the person out and when to warn them in an attempt to salvage their membership.  In both cases where I was told off, I warned them in as kind a fashion as I could instead of kicking them out. They both reacted belligerently, and both were kicked out.

I also lose time when I have to explain rules to new members.  New members cannot post links, and I was asked for clarification.  Here is a screen cap of the thread, with the name of the other person removed.

Having to explain the rules over and over takes up a lot of time.  I have other tasks that I wish to complete, yet I lose a lot of time having to answer questions, clarify rules, and deal with various situations on Facebook.

Some people don't understand the blog post links on my Jennifer's Series Books Facebook page.  This has been a problem for quite some time.  I use the website IFTTT to automatically post to my page when a new blog post appears here.  I have had the feature set to place "Just Published:" in front of the title of each blog post.

I have had several users suggest that I change my Facebook page's category to "book publisher," and I finally realized that the text on the blog post links may have been the cause.  I have even been congratulated on having a post published.  This is a blog that I control; there's no need to congratulate me for hitting the "publish" button.

Additionally, the below Facebook post caused confusion.

And again, the "Just Published:" part caused the confusion.  It was thought that the two Mary C. Jane books had just been published by a publishing company.  I have now removed those words from the IFTTT application so that only the blog post title appears.  That should help prevent people from thinking that I am publishing books.

It won't help with the people who don't understand how to use Facebook.  I have been asked quite a few times where my blog posts can be found.  They see a post, which looks like the picture seen above, and have no idea that they can click (or tap) anywhere on the image to get to the blog post.  I have had to explain that several times.  I'm not sure what to do about that.

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Lena Dunn said...

I know what you mean about the seller hub. I logged in one day and screamed out loud because the page looked weird. I hated the seller hub. Opted out that day. I love the seller page I have now. Everything right there in an organized fashion. Plus I am paying for a store, I should get to choose how I want my things to display so I can work. I got a headache just looking at the seller hub. So glad my I'm out of it.

I have seen the pages of complaints but eBay will not listen. I'm still waiting for months now for them to fix the bulk shipping tool. There are several pages under a topic of complaints. It sadly seems the norm now for companies to just ignore their consumers.