Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Dead End Farm, Dark Windows, and Mystery by Moonlight by Mary C. Jane

In Mystery at Dead End Farm, old Nils Gustafson has disappeared.  His farm is deserted, and Nils is nowhere to be found. Priscilla and Greg find a few strangers on Nils' land and wonder what is going on.  The children learn that several men think that Nils is planning to sell a plane that he was fixing up for Greg.  Greg refuses to believe the rumor, which causes a rift between the children.

This book did not interest me that much.  The problem is that I never cared about the situation or what happened to the characters. I have to feel invested in the plot in order to care.

In Mystery Behind Dark Windows, Ellie Pride's Aunt Rachel refuses to sell the old mill.  Instead, Aunt Rachel leaves the mill empty, with all the men out of work. The townspeople are deeply resentful about the situation.  A group of boys runs around stealing things, and the townspeople believe that the young people have too much idle time.  Meanwhile, vandalism occurs at the mill, and Ellie tries to find the culprit.

This book also didn't grab me that much.

In Mystery by Moonlight, Gail hears strange noises from Morgan's Green, an abandoned old ruin of a house.  The house burned years before, but part of the structure still stands. Soon, Gail learns that the old house may be sold shortly.  Gail is devastated, because she uses an old shed that is hidden in the woods on the property as her secret place to write stories.  Gail is constantly teased about her stories, so she hides them in the old shed. Will Gail lose the old shed?

This is a very good story.

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