Monday, October 9, 2017

Longfellow Square and Nine-Mile Marsh by Mary C. Jane

In Mystery in Longfellow Square, Phil Holt's mother has been hired as Miss Goddard's secretary.  Phill will look after her nephew's dog.  Soon after the Holts get settled, Miss Goddard has a visitor, who is interested in her research of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Unfortunately, Miss Goddard trusts the man completely and will not listen to Phil, who is certain that the man is searching the house for something.  The man even orders Miss Goddard to send the dog away, much to Phil's horror.  Can Phil learn the truth in time to foil the man's plot?

The story is good, but like some of the others, I was never that interested.

In Mystery on Nine-Mile Marsh, Lucille no longer has anyone to play with after school. The other girls have formed the Saturday Club, and Lucille was not invited to join.  The girls go to parties and other gatherings that Lucille cannot attend.  Lucille finally makes a new friend, Barbara.

Lucille, Barbara, Kevin, and Brent learn that Moody's Island has a new owner.  The four children are tasked with looking after the property when the new owner goes away. The children discover intruders and soon learn that someone is trying to gain control of the property.

I really enjoyed it when Lucille becomes friends with Barbara.  Take that, you snobbish Saturday Club girls!

This is a very good book.

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