Sunday, May 28, 2017

Spooksville #9 The Wishing Stone and #10 The Wicked Cat

In Spooksville #9, The Wishing Stone, Sally finds a black hand sticking out of a rock. The hand is holding a cube-shaped stone.  Sally decides to take the stone.  Look, if I saw a hand holding a cube while sticking out of a rock, I certainly wouldn't remove the cube from the hand.  I'd probably run the other way, especially if my town were constantly under attack by magical creatures.

Anyway, Sally accidentally discovers that any wish she makes comes true while she holds the stone.  Suddenly, the children have everything they could ever want, until the evil debt collector arrives.  The children are destined to be slaves on a distant planet for the rest of their lives.  Ouch.

I enjoyed this book.

In Spooksville #10, The Wicked Cat, the children encounter a beautiful black cat in the woods.  Sally takes a fancy to the cat, although the others sense that the cat is not normal.  The children fight about the cat, and Sally goes home with it.

The next day, a new girl named Jessie acts like she already knows Adam, Watch, and Cindy.  Jessie knows everything that happened to them the previous day.  And Sally is nowhere to be seen.  Jessie also has curious habits, like licking her fingers then rubbing her arms.  Hmm.

Adam, Watch, and Cindy figure out that Sally has been turned into a cat while the black cat has turned into Jessie.  Poor Sally does not make a very attractive cat.

This book is pretty funny.  I greatly enjoyed it.

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