Friday, May 26, 2017

Christopher Pike Die Softly and Bury Me Deep

In Die Softly, Herb wants to photograph the cheerleaders while they take their showers in the locker room.  He sets up his camera, which is attached to a VCR and a timer.  A girl dies the next day, and when Herb views his tape, he sees someone about to attack the girl on his tape.

This is a really screwed-up story.  Pike can come up with some real doozies.  I won't say anything else since it spoils the plot.

I can't say that this is one of Pike's better stories, but it does deliver in terms of sheer craziness. The teens in this book are definitely crazy and behave in the most absurd fashion.  Where does Pike come up with this stuff?

In Bury Me Deep, Jean meets Mike on the airplane while she flies to Hawaii.  He sits next to her and tells her about the trip he won. But then he gasps for air and dies on the plane.  After Jean debarks, she learns that Mike has been dead for a month and apparently was not on the plane.  Jean later realizes that Mike was murdered while on his vacation to Hawaii and that he is reaching out to her from beyond the grave in hopes that she will find his killer.

This book reads like a murder mystery except that the clues come from the spirit of the deceased.

The cover art is excessively stupid.  Why does the tombstone just say "MIKE"?

I enjoyed this book.

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