Saturday, May 13, 2017

Christopher Pike The Remember Me Trilogy

The Remember Me books were published in 1989, 1994, and 1995.  I read Remember Me when it was first published and definitely read it more than once.  I did not recall anything about Remember Me 2 and had no memory of having ever read it.  However, I owned it, so I knew I had read it at least once.  I did not own Remember Me 3, so I never read it.

In Remember Me, Shari Cooper is dead.  Shari tells the reader the story of her death and how she figured out the identity of her killer.

The first half of the book did not hold up well for me.  As I read the book this time, I decided that I would have preferred for the beginning of the book to have been written in a different fashion.  I think that the story would have had greater impact if the reader had not known that Shari was already dead and would have realized that Shari was dead at the same time she realizes it as the story is told.  I mainly felt this way because I had read the book before.

I instinctively knew the killer as I began the story, although I couldn't remember details.  As I read the book, I gradually recalled the motive and other details.

The second half of the book is excellent.

In Remember Me 2: The Return, Jean Rodrigues has a rough life on the wrong side of town.  The future looks grim for Jean, and she doesn't want to continue living.  Meanwhile, a deal is worked out so that Shari Cooper can get a second chance by taking Jean's place in Jean's body.

This book dives deeply into the mystical world, and that part is a bit much.

This is a good book but parts of it are boring.

In Remember Me 3: The Last Story, Shari Cooper continues to live as Jean Rodrigues, but her time is running short.

This book is pretty good, but it does divert from the main plot a number of times in various ways. Some of the diversions are interesting, while others are not.

I partly liked and partly didn't like the ending of the trilogy.  I wish that one scene had ended differently, although I am overall fine with the ending of the story.

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Mooshkin said...

I remember really loving the first book, sort of liking the second, and really not caring for the third. If I remember correctly, the third book is really out there. I found a lot of it boring.