Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Spooksville #3 Haunted Cave and #4 Aliens in the Sky

In Spooksville #3, The Haunted Cave, Watch and Sally tell Adam and Cindy about the Haunted Cave that is located outside Spooksville.  Watch and Sally report that the cave is full of dangerous creatures.  Cindy doesn't believe it, and she insists that they go to the cave to see if anything strange is there.

The children decide that Watch will stay outside the cave while the other three explore. Shortly after Adam, Cindy, and Sally enter the cave, the cave's opening closes, trapping them inside!  The trapped children are forced to explore deep inside the cave in hope of finding a way out.  The cave is full of dangerous creatures.  Meanwhile, Watch tries to get Bum to help him find a way inside the cave.

This book is excellent.

In Spooksville #4, Aliens in the Sky, two flying saucers land by the lake.  Adam and Watch are abducted by the first flying saucer.  Cindy and Sally end up in the second flying saucer. Sally launches a crazy scheme that might just work.  The girls hope to find a way to rescue the boys as both flying saucers race towards an alien planet.

A young alien is able to read minds better than the older aliens, and he states that this is because the younger aliens have less stress.  I found that interesting, and it makes sense.

I did not like this book as much as the others, but it is still good.

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