Friday, February 24, 2017

River Heights #3 Going Too Far, #4 Stolen Kisses, and #5 Between the Lines

In River Heights #3, Going Too Far, Brittany is dating a college student, Jack Reilly, but Jack hasn't invited Brittany to the country club dance. Even worse, Brittany fears that Jack will learn that her mom runs a flower shop in the mall.

Meanwhile, Nikki's friend, Robin, fears that she might be pregnant.  Unfortunately, Brittany sees Nikki and Robin looking at a pregnancy test in the drug store.  Brittany spreads a rumor that Nikki or one of her friends is pregnant.

Moon Lake is the local hangout for the River Heights young people when they want to be alone with their dates.  I like that bit of continuity with the original Nancy Drew series.

The early books in this series are much like Merivale Mall, where the stories are excessively cheesy and stupid.

I enjoyed this book.

In River Heights #4, Stolen Kisses, Brittany starts dating Dustin Tucker behind Jack's back. Meanwhile, Lacey tries to get her boss, Lenny, to give her a raise.  Lenny refuses, so Lacey comes up with a great promotional idea.  The hot group, the Dead Beats, is on tour, and Lacey is able to get them to come to River Heights.  They will appear at Lenny's store and will sign albums. After Lacey works out the deal, everything goes wrong, jeopardizing the appearance.

This book is another example of excessively stupid behavior on the part of a scheming character.  Even though the plot is stupid, I enjoyed the book.

In River Heights #5, Between the Lines, Jeremy needs money to impress Kim, who has expensive taste.  Jeremy bets big in a poker game and loses.  Jeremy is forced to get a job. Brittany also gets a job so that she can earn money to join the country club.  Unknown to each other, Brittany and Jeremy get jobs at the same obscure diner, hoping that no one will ever know.

Meanwhile, Tim and Nikki star in the school play. They can't seem to get along, and Nikki is convinced that Tim is falling for another girl, Lara Bennett.

I found the plot with Tim and Nikki to be quite boring.  I am sick of Tim and Nikki's stupid relationship.  Nikki sees problems where there are none, and her behavior will make them break up.  I want them to get it over with so that we can move on to a more interesting plot.

So far, Nancy Drew has only appeared in the first two books in the series.

The plot with Jeremy and Brittany is hilarious.  I really enjoyed that part of the story while I was bored with Nikki's story.


sonicnancyfan said...

I was scanning through my yellow spine Nancy Drew books today and found a 1970 release with Nancy holding a magnifying glass on the back....that has Hardy Boys end papers. They are the white multi-scene end papers seen on this site:

Have you ever come across a Nancy Drew book with Hardy Boys end papers before? I can't imagine it's all that common, but I suppose it could be. I'm assuming it's just a printing error. Any information is appreciated~

Jennifer White said...

It is a printing error. It is uncommon for a series to have the endpapers for another series. That type of error shows up very seldom, so having a Nancy Drew book with Hardy Boys endpapers is a great find.

sonicnancyfan said...

I bought it originally since it was one I didn't have, not really noticing the Hardy Boys endpapers to begin with. I appreciate the information. I really enjoy your reviews. It's always interesting to see your thoughts on books I've read and your site has given me more series to look for. I pick up River Heights books whenever I see them, but as someone who hasn't read any of the Sweet Valley books, it's hard to really get engrossed in the series. I'll keep trying since it isn't a very long series. Keep up the good work~