Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Saalfield Boxed Sets

Saalfield was a reprint house that purchased the rights to many of the A. L. Burt Company's books during the late 1930s when that company went out of business. Saalfield published its books on cheap pulp paper, and the books now have deeply yellowed paper and are generally found in rough condition.  I typically avoid all Saalfield books with the exception of the books found in Saalfield's boxed sets.

I have managed to acquire six of the Saalfield boxed sets.  Other sets exist; I only purchase the sets for the series that I collect.  All of my sets contain either the Adventures Girls or Linda Carlton books.

The following pictures show all of my sets together from the front, right, back, and left.

I am not sure of exactly when these sets were issued, but I assume that they are from around 1940.  The boxed sets are very difficult to find, since most of the boxes would have been thrown away decades ago.

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Bibliomaven said...

Saalfield published these sets in the mid-late 1930's. I have picked up more than 50 over the years.