Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Girls of Canby Hall #9 Boy Trouble and #10 Make Me a Star

In Girls of Canby Hall #9, Boy Trouble, Dana is too busy to go out on her date with Randy, so she suggests that Shelley go instead.  The plan backfires on Dana when Shelley and Randy fall for each other and begin dating secretly.

Dana's expression on the front cover is hilarious.

The Dana and Randy relationship makes absolutely no sense.  Dana strings Randy along, and he keeps following her like a puppy, except for in this book.  I actually like the idea of Randy cheating on Dana, since Dana is so awful to him. I know I shouldn't like the idea of Randy cheating on Dana, but I do.

This is an excellent book.

In Girls of Canby Hall #10, Make Me a Star, a film crew arrives to film a movie on the campus of Canby Hall.  Shelley is determined to get cast but fails miserably due to Pamela's manipulation. Meanwhile, Dana gets cast so that she can flirt with a cast member, which causes a rift between Dana and Shelley.

It's amazing that of all the places in the world that a movie can film on location, the crew chooses Canby Hall.  Oddly, film crews love choosing obscure locations that just happen to be the setting in series books.

Randy is conveniently missing in this book.  The poor guy is so used and abused.

I enjoyed this book.

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