Sunday, February 26, 2017

Canby Hall #11 With Friends Like That and #12 Who's the New Girl?

In Girls of Canby Hall #11, With Friends Like That, Canby Hall will be closed unless the students can find enough donors so that an endowment can be created.  Dana, Faith, and Shelley are dismayed to discover that millions of dollars are needed, dashing their hopes of finding the money.

Of course the girls manage to find a very wealthy hermit who gives the school the required amount of money.  Amazingly, he also shows them where he has an additional $2 million hidden in his barn. I'm sorry, but even many honest people would be tempted by that amount of money just laying in an unsecured location.  We are talking about $2 million!

This book is excellent.

In Girls of Canby Hall #12, Who's the New Girl?, French exchange student Nicole Brisbet arrives at Canby Hall.  Nicole is dressed like a little girl, so Dana, Faith, and Shelley help her pick up new clothes.  Amazingly, Nicole figures out how to dress and behave rather quickly, and she goes after another girl's boyfriend.

I had to laugh when Shelley discovers that Tom has no idea she is upset with him.
It's really frustrating to be mad at a boy—half the time he doesn't even know it.
The next paragraph spoils part of the plot, so don't read it if you don't want to know.

Nicole is at the school under false pretenses.  In fact, she is from Kansas instead of from France. Her parents filled out one application to Canby Hall, and Nicole filled out another where she falsified all information.  Nicole mailed the second application.  This doesn't make sense, since the people at Canby Hall thought that Nicole arrived from France.  What address was put on the application?  Surely not her correct Kansas address.  Did Nicole have a friend in France who helped?  This puzzles me.

I enjoyed this book.

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Apparently, I have no observational all. So that Red Gate Farm with the Hardy Boys endpapers, well, apparently the books is actually The Phantom Freighter but the cover/outside is the cover for Red Gate Farm. So, the misprint isn't the endpapers, the misprint is the fact that they used a Nancy Drew cardboard outside yet put a Hardy Boys book inside. Just giving you an update and letting you know about my terrible observation skills. In my defense though, I only looked at the endpapers yesterday; apparently I should have looked a bit further XD.