Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Wynn and Lonny #3 GT Challenge and #4 Gold Cup Rookies

In Wynn and Lonny #3, GT Challenge, Wynn and Lonny sell their Formula Vee racer so that they can purchase a Datsun 260Z in order to participate in the GT competition.  The boys soon learn that they have purchased a stolen car.  To make matters worse, the boys' sponsor, Jeff Kuralt, has problems of his own. Someone is stealing top-secret parts from Kuralt's factory and using the parts to defraud auto dealers.

Some of the other drivers are male chauvinists who don't like Inky and Nancy-Rae competing with the men.  It's interesting that a series book from the middle 1970s that was aimed at boys depicts girls breaking into a male-dominated field.

There is a lot of information about racing, but it is presented in an interesting fashion without getting bogged down.  As I read this book, I reflected that this series depicts racing in a far more interesting fashion than the Hardy Boys Digest books that center on racing.  This book, and in fact the entire Wynn and Lonny series, is sabotage just like those books, but the books feature sabotage written in a more interesting fashion.

I notice that Wynn and Lonny have friends in high places who help them out when they get in trouble.

This story has a character whose intent is ambiguous.  I couldn't tell if he was on the good side or the bad, and it was quite pleasing when I found out for sure.  I love it when authors work that sort of thing into the plot.

This is a very good book.  It's the best one so far.

In Wynn and Lonny #4, Gold Cup Rookies, Wynn and Lonny sell their Datsun so that they can purchase a Zink Formula Super Vee so that they can race in the Gold Cup series. The boys will test Jeff Kuralt's new device, the Altaguard, in their racer.

I enjoyed this book, although it does have too many characters, which I couldn't keep straight.  A different author wrote this book, and I could the difference.

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