Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Twilight Darkness #1 Deadly Sleep, #2 The Power, and #3 The Initiation

In Twilight Where Darkness Begins #1, Deadly Sleep, Jaynie has arrived in Scotland to visit her friend Evelyn.  A photograph on the wall of Jaynie's bedroom glows at night, and Jaynie soon realizes that a spirit is involved.

Jaynie spends a lot of time depressed over breaking up with her boyfriend.  This happened before the beginning of the story.  The boyfriend is never part of the plot, so I did not care.  I was bored reading about the boyfriend.

When the photograph on the wall glows and Jaynie's name is called from the picture, the scene does not feel scary.  Jaynie acts like the glowing photo is no big deal.  If she had been scared, I might have been scared.

I never connected with the characters, and I never cared about the story.  I felt that the text was missing that something that makes for a compelling story.  A character dies in this book, and I also did not care.  This book could have been written better and is a poor introductory book for the series.

In Twilight Where Darkness Begins #2, The Power, Meredith finds a small box hanging from her locker.  Inside the box are a lock of hair and a note.  The note proclaims that Meredith is in the sender's power.  Meredith is inclined to believe that she is the victim of a joke when she discovers that she is missing a lock of hair.  In horror, Meredith realizes that someone cut a lock of hair from her head while she was sleeping. Who is stalking her?

This book is scary because of the sinister threat. This is an excellent book.

In Twilight Where Darkness Begins #3, The Initiation, Adam is a new student at Blair Prep. Soon after Adam's arrival, he finds a body in a gym locker.  The incident is reported, but strangely, the police never interview Adam about the body.  Adam soon notices that many of the Blair Prep students are secretive and that some kind of initiation is held at night.  He befriends Loren, a student from a nearby girls' school, and the two begin to investigate the strange events.

This is an excellent story.

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