Friday, July 22, 2016

July 2016 Reading Update

Here are pictures of my reading bookshelf.  Remember that you can always click on images to see a larger version.

I am reading through the Hardy Boys Adventures series and will be completely finished with my Hardy Boys experience within one week.  I had forgotten to order Hardy Boys Adventures #12, so I took care of that a few days ago.  #12 most likely will arrive in time for me to read it right after #11.  If #12 does not arrive in time, then I have decided that I will read one or more of the Morgan Bay Mysteries if necessary until #12 arrives. The Morgan Bay Mysteries are the books with the mauve spines in the middle of the top shelf.  They are readers and are quick and easy to read.

As I read through the Hardy Boys Adventures, I am also skimming the Nancy Drew Diaries to locate certain passages that are important in my comparison of the Hardy Boys Adventures to the Nancy Drew Diaries.  The reason I read through the entire Hardy Boys Digest and Undercover Brothers series was so that I could then read the Hardy Boys Adventures to compare them to the Nancy Drew Diaries.

I felt that I needed to be as knowledgeable about the Hardy Boys series as Nancy Drew in order to be able to decide whether Simon and Schuster is treating the two series equally.  I haven't been thrilled with the Nancy Drew Diaries, and I have wondered whether the Hardy Boys Adventures have the same issues.  I don't yet know for sure, although I have made some interesting observations.

I have not decided what I will read next after I finish the Hardy Boys Adventure series. I will delay reading the two Norvin Pallas books in hopes that Wildside Press will soon publish the other three titles that I need.  I would prefer to read all five books together. It is always my preference to read books in a series together and in order so that I do not get sidetracked.

I recently finished reading the Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers series.  I would never have made it through the entire Undercover Brothers set if I had allowed myself to read anything else during that time.  If I had let myself read something else, I would have abandoned the set.  That's because most of the books are not very good.

The Wynn and Lonny Racing Books and the Girls of Canby Hall series are a top priority.  That is, I want to read those two series, so they are a top priority for that reason.  However, I do have another top priority, one that I don't want to do that will be hard to force myself to complete.

I would like to finally try out the many series books I have in order to decide whether I like the books enough to complete the sets.  Many of those books have been placed in the middle row of the bookcase.  I figure if I have them in front of me that I will be more likely to try some of them.  I hope so, anyway.

My collection is based on readability.  While I do collect different formats, first printings, and books in excellent condition, I never keep a set of books when I do not find them readable.  If I do not enjoy the books, then I sell them regardless of how collectible they are.

That's why I have already sold my Melody Lane books and most of my Cherry Ames books. I did not enjoy the stories enough to want to keep them.  Meaning, I knew I would never read them again, so I did not want them taking up valuable shelf space.

I'd like to tackle the books on the middle shelf sometime soon so that I can send some of them away if they aren't good enough.  If the books are good enough, then I will complete the sets.  I do already have complete set of Marjorie Dean and the Boy Ranchers, so reading the first book of each will determine whether I keep my sets.  If I should read the first book of either set and like it enough, then I would probably go ahead and read the rest of the set in order without allowing myself to read anything else.

I set a goal to read 300 books this year.  I am currently reading my 212th book of 2016.

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