Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hardy Boys #179 Passport to Danger, #180 Typhoon Island, and #181 Double Jeopardy

In Hardy Boys #179, Passport to Danger, Frank and Joe volunteer to be part of the crew at a soccer match in Paris.  When the bleachers collapse and the fireworks malfunction, the boys realize that a saboteur is loose.  Fenton Hardy is also in Paris, and he lends the boys some high-tech equipment to help them find the saboteur.

I find it hard to believe that secret tunnels lead into and out of the Louvre, and nobody connected with the museum has any idea.

This book is okay, but I didn't like it very much.

In Hardy Boys #180, Typhoon Island, Frank and Joe visit San Esteban with Callie and Iola.  Soon, the boys fall victim to some scary accidents and realize that they are among enemies and cannot be certain who to trust.  Later, the young people are caught in a hurricane and must find their way to safety.

This book is thrilling from start to finish.  It has caves, tunnels, a hurricane, mudslides, a sniper, arson, snakes, and everything.  The story is sabotage, but it is so different and thrilling that it doesn't feel like sabotage.  I enjoyed every bit of the story.

This is an excellent book.

In Hardy Boys #181, Double Jeopardy, Frank and Joe have press passes to the Formula One championship in Indianapolis.  The top two drivers have a ruthless rivalry going, and it appears they are sabotaging each other.

I didn't like the beginning of the story.  The middle part caught my attention, although the book has too many characters.  Towards the end of the book, I became bored with the story.  This is just another tired-out sabotage book.  Furthermore, I am not interested in racing, so the details are of no interest to me.

I skimmed the last part of the story.  I did not like this book that much. 

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