Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hardy Boys #176 In Plane Sight, #177 Psychic's Vision, and #178 Black Rhino

In Hardy Boys #176, In Plane Sight, Frank and Joe travel with Jamal to pick up a new plane for Jamal's dad's company.  After the plane is stolen, Frank and Joe are plunged into their latest mystery.  Someone is sabotaging the airshow. 

On page 4, Frank and Joe reflect that they had "been dating Iola Morton and Callie Shaw for a long time."  Yeah, for around 75 years!

This book also introduced too many characters too quickly, so I kept getting confused.  Aside from that, this book is exciting and I greatly enjoyed it.

In Hardy Boys #177, The Case of the Psychic's Vision, Colin and his family are new arrivals to Bayport.  Frank and Joe soon learn that Colin and his family are psychics.  Colin is quite gifted, telling Fenton Hardy the solution to his current case the moment the two meet.  Colin then tells Frank and Joe that a girl who attends Bayport High School is not who she thinks she is.  Apparently, she was abducted as a young girl.  Colin helps Frank and Joe solve the mystery.

This is a rather bizarre Hardy Boys story, for obvious reasons.  It's rather odd for a Hardy Boys story to use psychic ability in the plot and to have a psychic reveal information that would have been impossible to acquire otherwise.  If it's that easy, why haven't the Hardys used psychics all along?

This is a pretty good story, but it shouldn't have been published as a Hardy Boys book, since it isn't the right kind of story.

While I greatly enjoyed this story, I don't like it as a Hardy Boys book.

In Hardy Boys #178, The Mystery of the Black Rhino, Frank, Joe, and Fenton travel to Kenya to fight against the illegal killing of wild animals.

This book bored me at first, but later, I found it interesting.  Overall though, this book is just average and nothing special.

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