Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Hardy Boys #152 Danger in the Extreme, #153 Eye on Crime, and #154 Caribbean Cruise Caper

In Hardy Boys #152, Danger in the Extreme, Frank and Joe participate in the Winter Max Games in Bayport.  Also participating is the son of the president.  Frank and Joe are tasked with keeping him safe. 

I get bored with sporting events that are described in great detail, then an accident always occurs with a participant nearly getting killed.  Another event is soon underway with the same excessive description and result.  Then we do it a third time, and so on throughout the entire boring book.

I got more bored the further I read.  I am so sick of this type of sabotage story.  Sabotage in a sporting event is so boring!

I quit halfway through the book and skimmed the end of the story to see the culprit's name.

I did not like this book.

In Hardy Boys #153, Eye on Crime, the Hardys and their girlfriends attend the taping of Monty Mania.  During the taping, Callie and Iola are called onstage and hypnotized.  The girls are told to act like they are committing a crime.  The very next day, the girls are arrested for a robbery.

The opening scene in this book is off.  Callie and Iola whine about their boyfriends ignoring them.  Frank and Joe behave strange in the same scene.  The opening scene was written to set up the Monty Mania taping, but it comes across as fake and forced. 

On page 57, the reader learns that gangs are not a problem in Bayport.  Really?  Then what was all that gang activity in Hardy Boys #146, The Mark of the Blue Tattoo?

The back cover synopsis reveals an event that occurs near the end of the story.  Why do publishers do that?

It takes Frank and Joe forever to figure out that Callie and Iola's arrest is somehow tied to the Monty Mania show.  I realized the connection as soon as Callie and Iola are arrested.  The stupid behavior of Frank and Joe make the story less enjoyable than it could have been.

For some reason, I can't remember how much I actually enjoyed this book.  Since I have already forgotten, I assume that this book is just good and nothing special.

In Hardy Boys # 154, The Caribbean Cruise Caper, Frank and Joe have signed on as consultants for a teen magazine detective contest.  Soon after the contest begins, it is apparent that someone is sabotaging it.

I found it hard to remember the characters.  I wish they had not been introduced so quickly.  The book gave adequate descriptions of some characters but not the rest.

I found it odd that the book ended without the reader knowing which teen would win the contest.

I enjoyed this book.

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